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Galvin Green

Galvin Green perhaps the leading manufacturer of golf wear, their extensive range of both men and women’s clothing has an enviable reputation. The range is vast consisting of a wide selection of waterproof jackets and trousers plus pullovers, tops, mitts, gloves, umbrellas and hats that are suitable for all occasions and weather conditions.

Gore-Tex, a breathable fabric, is widely used in the construction of the Galvin Green Waterproof range making for a garment that is light and flexible yet is very comfortable and able to keep the wearer protected from the worst of the weather that our fickle climate can throw at it. Galvin Green products cannot be described as inexpensive, but quality rarely is. This season in the in the Galvin Green Waterproof Range the Galvin Green Astor Waterproof Jacket has certainly taken our eye this year in the men’s range and the Galvin Green Aim Jacket in the ladies range. Both of these offer 100% style and comfort as well as durability and a 100% guarantee. Why not pick up a bargain in our Galvin Green Sale section some unbelievable discount can be had.

Galvin Green’s 2013 Range has some really stand out product this year. The Galvin Green Axl Waterproof Jacket for us typifies Galvin Green’s unique style with both a great colour range and design for this product. The quarter zip on the Galvin Green Axl Jacket means an advantage on the putting green, stopping the putter getting snagged up with the jacket which sometime is the case with fill zip Jacket.

For a Full Zipped Jacket that appeals to us this year the Galvin Green Alex Waterproof Jacket has a slightly more conservative look but still fantastic style with a variety of colour option.
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